Main Boom 60mtr, Double jib 43mtr
Main Boom 60M, Jib 22M, (L.H.D)
Main boom:72M, 36m Hydraulic Jib,7 sheave,5 sheave,1 sheave and ball hook, 75 mtr luffing (L.H.D)                                                              
Main Boom: 72M+Jib 35M+Hook+70Ton+31Ton

Main Boom-72mtr, 36mtr hydrolic jib, 7 sheave, 5 sheave, 1 sheave and ball hook (hrs 13,000)
Main boom:50M,  Luffing jib 84 mtr, (L.H.D)                                                              
Main Boom: 50M,Fix Jib 63M,Luffing Jib 84M,Hook150Ton+70Ton+36Ton
Tractor Trailer 
Main Boom: 58.2mtr, Double swing Away Jib, 1 Winch, 23ton C.W
Boom: 58.2M+1 Winch + Hook
Boom: 52.2M+Double Swing Away Jib, Hook CW (L.H.D)
Boom: 52.2M+Double Swing Away Jib, Hook CW (L.H.D)
Boom: 52.2M+Double Swing Away Jib, Hook CW (L.H.D)
Boom: 52M, Jib: 19M, Tilting Jib:34M + 5 Axels +  Hooks 35Ton C.W (L.H.D)

Boom: 52M, Jib: 19M, Tilting Jib:34M + 5 Axels +  Hooks 35Ton C.W (L.H.D)

 Main boom:60M, 36m Hydraulic Jib,3 sheave= 1 hook extra KM 121000 HRS 5315 Full Counter Weight (L.H.D)                                                              
Boom:60M + Jib:29M With 50t C.W, Hook:1Pc 30T, 1Pc 68T, 1Pc 160T, L.H.D
Main Boom 60mtr, 36mtr jib, 69ton C/W 2 winches
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3-Axle Semi Trailer 
6-Axle Semi Trailer 
Main Boom:64mtr, Double Jib 33mtr, 2Winches, 5axle, hrs7000,km57,000
Main Boom: 67.8mtr, 33mtr Jib, 68.5ton C.W, 3 sheave+1 sheave+ball hook, hrs5300, km124,000
Main Boom 67.8mtr, 37 mtr fly jib, 69ton C/W ( L.H.D )
Main Boom: 51.2M, Fly Jib: 18M, (L.H.D)
MainBoom: 45M, Jib:14, Hook 50Ton + 100Ton+ Ball Hook(L.H.D)
MainBoom: 45M, Jib:14, Hook 50Ton + 100Ton+ Ball Hook(L.H.D)
Main Boom: 68mtr, hyd jib 20.9+1.85mtr, lattice jib 21mtr, 71ton C.W
Main Boom 48mtr, Fly Jib 19mtr, 100T+50T+8T Hooks
Main Boom:50mtr, SC Jib: 27.3, Luffing jib: 54mtr
Boom: 42M, Jib 17M,+ 2 Hooks  38Ton +Ball Hook
Boom: 42M, Jib 17M,+ 2 Hooks  38Ton +Ball Hook
Main Boom 58mtr, single winch, 3 sheaves hook block,
Model Serial No Year Capacity Status Pictures
3-Axle Semi Trailer 17651 1989 3T sold
6-Axle Semi Trailer B90034141 2010 6T sold
AC160-1 83001 2003 160T comming soon
AC200 33055 2004 200T jebel ali
AC200 33033 2003 200T Jebel Ali
AFT90-4 81072 1996 90T sold
AR1000M GA5089 1994 100T Available
AR1000M GA5019 1993 100T Available
ATF220G-5 B2136014 2011 220T comming soon
GA1000N-1 GA5216 2007 100T comming soon
KA2000 411089 1998 200T comming soon
LTM1055-3.1 55960 2005 55T Available
LTM1060/2 57493 2001 60T Available
LTM1095 62605 2006 95T JEBEL ALI

LTM1095-5.1 62679 2007 95T comming soon
LTM1095-5.1 62518 2005 95T sold
LTM1100 65132 2001 100T Jebel Ali
LTM1100 65319 2003 100T Jebel Ali
LTM1100 65798 2008 100T Jebel Ali
LTM1100-5.2 65653 2007 100T sold
LTM1100-5.2 65661 2007 100T sold
LTM1130 65923 2007 130T Jebel Ali
LTM1160 68132 2001 160T Jebel Ali
LTM1200 70115 2002 200T Jebel Ali

LTM1200-1 70052 2002 200T jebe ali
LTM1220-5 70318 2006 220T COOMING SOON
LTM1250 70729 2007 250T Jebel Ali
LTM1250-6.1 70727 2007 250T Coming Soon
LTM1250-6.1 70636 2005 250T comming soon
LTM1400 14299 1991 400T Jebel Ali
LTM1400 14501 1996 400T sold
TRACTOR TRAILER L043773 2006 8T sold
Liebherr LTM1100-5.2 year 2007
LTM1500 with 84m Boom (Sold)
Tadano GR500N & GR300N(Sold)
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