Main Boom: 51.2M, Fly Jib: 18M, (L.H.D)
Boom: 42M, Jib 17M,+ 2 Hooks  38Ton +Ball Hook
Boom: 42M, Jib 17M,+ 2 Hooks  38Ton +Ball Hook
Tractor Trailer 
6-Axle Semi Trailer 
3-Axle Semi Trailer 
Main Boom:50mtr, SC Jib: 27.3, Luffing jib: 54mtr
Boom:60M + Jib:29M With 50t C.W, Hook:1Pc 30T, 1Pc 68T, 1Pc 160T, L.H.D
Main Boom:64mtr, Double Jib 33mtr, 2Winches, 5axle, hrs7000,km57,000
 Main boom:60M, 36m Hydraulic Jib,3 sheave= 1 hook extra KM 121000 HRS 5315 Full Counter Weight (L.H.D)                                                              
Main Boom 48mtr, Fly Jib 19mtr, 100T+50T+8T Hooks
Boom: 52.2M+Double Swing Away Jib, Hook CW (L.H.D)
Boom: 52.2M+Double Swing Away Jib, Hook CW (L.H.D)
Boom: 52M, Jib: 19M, Tilting Jib:34M + 5 Axels +  Hooks 35Ton C.W (L.H.D)

MainBoom: 45M, Jib:14, Hook 50Ton + 100Ton+ Ball Hook(L.H.D)
MainBoom: 45M, Jib:14, Hook 50Ton + 100Ton+ Ball Hook(L.H.D)
Boom: 52.2M+Double Swing Away Jib, Hook CW (L.H.D)
Boom: 52M, Jib: 19M, Tilting Jib:34M + 5 Axels +  Hooks 35Ton C.W (L.H.D)

Boom: 58.2M+1 Winch + Hook
Main Boom: 58.2mtr, Double swing Away Jib, 1 Winch, 23ton C.W
Main Boom 58mtr, single winch, 3 sheaves hook block,
Cranes > All Terrain Cranes
Main boom:50M,  Luffing jib 84 mtr, (L.H.D)                                                              
Main Boom: 50M,Fix Jib 63M,Luffing Jib 84M,Hook150Ton+70Ton+36Ton
Main Boom-72mtr, 36mtr hydrolic jib, 7 sheave, 5 sheave, 1 sheave and ball hook (hrs 13,000)
Main boom:72M, 36m Hydraulic Jib,7 sheave,5 sheave,1 sheave and ball hook, 75 mtr luffing (L.H.D)                                                              
Main Boom: 72M+Jib 35M+Hook+70Ton+31Ton

Main Boom: 68mtr, hyd jib 20.9+1.85mtr, lattice jib 21mtr, 71ton C.W
Main Boom 60M, Jib 22M, (L.H.D)
Main Boom 60mtr, Double jib 43mtr
Main Boom: 67.8mtr, 33mtr Jib, 68.5ton C.W, 3 sheave+1 sheave+ball hook, hrs5300, km124,000
Main Boom 67.8mtr, 37 mtr fly jib, 69ton C/W ( L.H.D )
Main Boom 60mtr, 36mtr jib, 69ton C/W 2 winches
Model Serial No Year Capacity Status Pictures
LTM1400 14299 1991 400T Jebel Ali
LTM1400 14501 1996 400T sold
LTM1250-6.1 70636 2005 250T comming soon
LTM1250 70729 2007 250T Jebel Ali
LTM1250-6.1 70727 2007 250T Coming Soon
ATF220G-5 B2136014 2011 220T comming soon
LTM1220-5 70318 2006 220T COOMING SOON
LTM1200-1 70052 2002 200T jebe ali
AC200 33055 2004 200T jebel ali
AC200 33033 2003 200T Jebel Ali
LTM1200 70115 2002 200T Jebel Ali

KA2000 411089 1998 200T comming soon
LTM1160 68132 2001 160T Jebel Ali
AC160-1 83001 2003 160T comming soon
LTM1130 65923 2007 130T Jebel Ali
GA1000N-1 GA5216 2007 100T comming soon
LTM1100 65798 2008 100T Jebel Ali
LTM1100 65319 2003 100T Jebel Ali
LTM1100-5.2 65653 2007 100T sold
AR1000M GA5019 1993 100T Available
AR1000M GA5089 1994 100T Available
LTM1100 65132 2001 100T Jebel Ali
LTM1100-5.2 65661 2007 100T sold
LTM1095-5.1 62518 2005 95T sold
LTM1095-5.1 62679 2007 95T comming soon
LTM1095 62605 2006 95T JEBEL ALI

AFT90-4 81072 1996 90T sold
LTM1060/2 57493 2001 60T Available
LTM1055-3.1 55960 2005 55T Available
TRACTOR TRAILER L043773 2006 8T sold
6-Axle Semi Trailer B90034141 2010 6T sold
3-Axle Semi Trailer 17651 1989 3T sold
Liebherr LTM1100-5.2 year 2007
LTM1500 with 84m Boom (Sold)
Tadano GR500N & GR300N(Sold)
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